About us

Ancienne tondeuse

Who we are

More than a company, BEJIMAC is a reference brand in the field of the surface treatment of textiles used in numerous applications.

Incorporated in 2002, BEJIMAC is the result of the foundation of a group combining the forces and the experience of Henri Paulus, Raxhon, and Carbomatic.

In 2007, driven by the desire to always provide better quality machines, the former M-Tec (synergies of Menschner, Hemmer, Kettling+Braun, Sistig) joined our group.

We were then able to build, under the BEJIMAC brand, a wide range of textile finishing machines for a lot of different applications by gathering the best of each historical brand.

Moreover, we always innovate in our machines in order to follow the developments of the upstream and downstream markets.

Our company belongs to a family group giving the priority to a long term vision and management.

In 2019, Vandewiele has acquired a majority position in the BEJIMAC group. Vandewiele is able to offer an even bigger product portfolio to its customers and integrate them into its own offering and cooperate with BEJIMAC team for bringing great developments to its customers.

Our approach

We seek to understand the needs (finish quality, production capacity, textile type, constraints,…) of our clients in order to offer them solutions which can suit their financial capacities the best.

Our modular concept allows you to start with a reduced investment and then to improve your machine and to increase your productivity following gradually the increase of your production capacity.

Team Stivel

Our mission

We are dedicated to offer our customers reliable machines, which allow them to increase the quality, efficiency and finish of their products. Our machines are famous all over the world for their reliability and robust construction.

Being aware of the importance of the finishing line in your production chain, we do our best to ensure a quality after-sale service.

Our representation

BEJIMAC machines are provided worldwide.

We are represented internationnally either by our co-workers or through an agent network. You can contact us should you wish to obtain the details of our agent for your country.

We are also always open to applications from dynamic and motivated new agents allowing us to improve our presence locally.