Cleaning machines for carpet

The BEJIMAC carpet cleaning is something really different than what all other companies can provide.

In addition to the classical beating, back and face sides brushing, we have developed a unique face cleaning equipment going deep in the carpet piles, that takes away more death fibres than any other systems.

Bejimac Derompeuse 1

Adapted tension for better results

Furthermore, the passage of carpets in the machine has been designed to take progressively the dust away, up to the delivery of the machine.
We call it “Dérompeuse”.
The BEJIMAC cleaning unit has a very high efficiency, particularly for acrylic carpets.
We supply this machine with an exhauster from the last generation, reducing the electric power consumption from more than 15% with a higher cleaning efficiency.

  • As a single machine
  • As a unit combined with a pre-shearing machine
  • As a unit at entrance of a back sizing machine

Many are copying us in order to be in the market, we move ahead to make your carpets cleaner.

Bejimac Schema Derompeuse 2023
Bejimac Plan Derompeuse 2023
Bejimac Derompeuse 1
Bejimac Derompeuse 2

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Bejimac Derompeuse 1

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