Knits singeing machine

Our completely new singeing machine for knitwear was developed together with the No. 1 knitwear finishing expert Erbatech

Knits singeing FS4 LAS

The newly developed singeing machine by Erbatech & BEJIMAC combines the best of 2 worlds with an expert in knitwear finishing and an expert in singeing

Our new singeing machine was developed focusing on highest quality levels of singeing, operational flexibility and economy, as well as tension-free fabric transport through the machine.

  • Compact dimension
  • Broad-range tension control
  • Effective spreading of selvedge curls
  • Indefinite number of positions
  • Remote diagnose and service
  • Flame width adjustment for gas savings
This machine targets strongly growing demand in knitwear singeing.
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Knit singeing
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Knits singeing FS4 LAS

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