Velvet finishing machine

BEJIMAC velvet finishing is more than shearing

GR3 A5416

Considered as a leader in shearing, BEJIMAC offers more than shearing for velvet finishing

Velvet finishing is offers and requires a wide variety of finishing possibilities depending on your end products.

With its huge and long experience in velvet finishing as well as with experienced coworkers, BEJIMAC has developed an exclusive process for allowing customers to achieve the RIGHT finish.

BEJIMAC's exclusive process can be summarized as follows:

Velvet finishing - exclusive process

BEJIMAC offers a combination of systems and adjustment possibilities allowing to work the pile in the best conditions.

Our velvet finishing lines are designed in a modular way allowing

  • customers with a smaller capacity to start with a reduced investment
  • customers with high capacity to have one finishing line for their products
Velvet finishing small
Velvet finishing big

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GR3 A5416

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